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We Specialize In Custom Hand Made Human Artificial Eyes

Our company produces and delivers completed human artificial eyes in house, made of acrylic, 
as well as full coverage scleral shells for damaged and blind unsightly eyes. Using the most modern techniques and materials available today, all prosthetic eyes are custom hand fitted and hand artistically rendered on site. We do not make or sell any other type of dental or facial prosthesis or other durable medical equipment or supplies.

-Custom made Acrylic Artificial eyes.

-Custom made Acrylic Cover Shells.

-Socket management for growing children with prosthetic eyes.

-New replacements for old Artificial eyes.

-Great Florida Vacation destination


Board Certified Ocularist - National examining Board Of Ocularists
State Of Florida Department Of Education- Qualified Ocularist since 1994.

All artificial eyes are made by a  Board Certified Ocularist for clients from pediatric to geriatric. Since glass prosthetic eyes were virtually rendered obsolete in the 1940s, acrylic artificial eyes have become the industry standard. It is recommended that acrylic prosthetic eyes be replaced after no longer than 5 years of  service.


Acrylic Artificial Eye

A type of ocular prosthesis that replaces an absent natural eye 

following an enucleation or evisceration. The prosthesis fits over an orbital implant and behind the eyelids.


Acrylic Cover Shells

 A very thin hard shell which can be worn over a damaged or blind unsightly eye. Also known as a Sclera Shell prosthesis.


Clean and Polishing

Keep your prosthetic maintained with your annual check up and cleaning to manage your prosthetics longevity.

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