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   You will need to set aside some time before making your appointment with the Ocularist. 
Generally speaking you will need a least 4 or 5 hours in front or your Ocularist so that your new 
prosthesis can be properly fitted and the iris and sclera ( white of eye ) colors can be artistically 
represented. All painting is done in front of the patient, copied directly from the companion eye, 
not from samples pulled out of a box. In some instances  your new prosthesis can be delivered 
the same day, with rest breaks and a lunch break, appointments permitting for travelers and 
circumstances. However, most clients like to return a day or two later, for two or three visits, to 
take delivery of their new eye. The second option alleviates the need to wait the whole day during 
the laboratory time it takes to actually make the prosthesis. In some cases whether it be children, 
recent surgery or a particularly difficult case, it may be necessary to return for additional visits. We 
will provide you a time line regarding your particular situation.

   We are considered a (DME) Durable Medical Equipment Provider ( Prosthetics External ). For this 
reason most insurance plans may require you to have prior authorization and or a prescription for 
your new prosthesis beforehand, in order to insure your plans coverage. Many insurance 
companies including some Medicare supplement plans cover DME and we will help you with 
prior authorization and file your insurance claim for you if you wish. We do not accept Medicare 
and Medicare replacement insurance assignment of benefits however. Depending on your plan 
they may pay all or part of your service. We are contracted with several commercial carriers. Many 
people are surprised to find out they are covered by their insurance, and have been for a long time!
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